A Little St. Patrick's Day Freebie!

My co-worker, Lisa, and I were talking after school today discussing ideas as to what we were putting in Word Work this week. Since it is the week before St. Patrick's Day, we are keeping to a green theme. We both were at the State Kindergarten conference last week, so therefore both of us are staying just one step ahead of our little ones this week! Plus, we are doing assessments and we need a few more activities in our centers than normal since we are individually assessing each child.

This little activity is definitely not my unique idea! Using magnifying glasses to find little words hidden on a mat is found in many teaching resources. But, we were looking for words specifically for our kinders, so I created this quick and easy game using CVC, sight, and color words. The leprechaun is the same on each mat, but the border is a different color. Each mat has a different combination of words. Children write the words they find upon a recording sheet and color the brim of the hats the same color as the border on their mat. This will make it easier for you to grade if you know which mat they used! This resource is NOT differentiated! Sorry about that!

The leprechauns have been in our classroom since Monday! I will be posting pictures soon of the mischief that they have been causing! Our March Family project was for the children to create a leprechaun trap. We will be setting those traps tomorrow at the end of the day. Maybe this year, we might catch one!

Click the image above to get the Leprechaun freebie!

Until next time!

Blessings, Cindy

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