This is Spring Break Week and I Have Been Busy! A Spring Literacy Pack and a Freebie!

I was thinking that last year at this time, I was enjoying the sweet climate of Rome! Wow! This year, no such luck for travel.... this has been my spring break and my husband and I have had a quiet week at home. I have been busy - REALLY busy! I have been doing  little things that I have put off for MANY months and now have had time to tackle!

On Tuesday, I had my taped interview for the Women of Distinction award. I was BEYOND nervous and cannot remember anything that I said! I am definitely a behind the scenes type of person! I would so much rather be in front of a HUNDRED five year olds than even 2 adults! So, so, so glad that is over!

I was in the Kindergarten study for Daily 5 this past summer and have implemented many parts of it. I hope to write a blog post soon about the changes that I have made to suit the needs of my classroom. One thing that I could not give up was fun literacy center work. I enjoy adding seasonal games to the Word Work rotation and I think my students enjoy it, too! I have 4 reading groups that rotate through 4 centers daily. One rotation is always a seasonal literacy game. Every one of my students do the same seasonal center each day i.e. I only put out one new game daily which all students rotate through the same day. I love doing this because now I can keep track of who has finished their center every day instead of waiting for 4 days to do the checking! The following week, I put the seasonal game into their CHOICE center and it stays there for the entire month and sometimes into the following month.

Because I was home this week, I had a chance to create a new Spring Literacy center packet AND an Easter Bunny Word game freebie. Both are based on the Reading Foundational Skills for Kindergarten. The Spring packet includes a Bunny Sight Word Mix Up game, a CVCe Flower Fun game, a Chick Syllable Sort, and a Short Vowel Search and Find game.
Here is the preview for the Spring Literacy packet; although Blogger has cropped the picture a little.... so sorry about that!
The Easter Bunny Word Game is a freebie that can be put into your early finisher tub. All you need are buttons or mini erasers for game pieces; everything else is included and easy to implement! The clip art is from DJ Inkers and  I have a license to use it. It has been a joy to utilize some of their cute, cute clip art! I named it Easter Bunny Word game, but it can be used after Easter, I think! Click the image above for the Spring Literacy pack and the image at the beginning of this post for the Easter Bunny freebie!

Until next time!

Blessings, Cindy

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