Lent For Little Kids and an Ash Wednesday Freebie

Hi Friends,

For all my Catholic/Christian School friends, you know that Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday and we begin the long season of Lent. I used to dread teaching Lent to my kiddos because  the material that I could find was above their understanding. There is some really good Catholic/Christian material in the world, but just not enough for little kids. So, I began writing my own material and am just now getting my act together to get it published. I am constantly in the process of revision, so if there is anything that you wish could be added to my packets OR you would like written, please let me know and I will see what I can do! Presently, I have a "Miracles of Jesus" and "Parables of Jesus" on the drawing board and am getting close to publishing them.  If you click HERE, you can find what I presently have published.

I published my "Lent For Little Kids" resource last year and just finished a revision on it this week. 
Because little ones are focused on the alphabet, it is based on the letters in the word LENT. The letter "E" was the hardest, of course, to find a Catholic/Christian match, so I took a bit of poetic license and said that "E" stands for the EUCHARIST; It is EVERYTHING. Not perfect, but it works!

Here is an example of  "T" in the teacher book and the illustrations that the kids do in their book. 

I have an Ash Wednesday freebie on a Google doc that you can find HERE.  
(Please note that many school districts block outside sites. If this is true of your school, please download from home. If you receive a request for me to "allow access", that is probably what your school district does, because the settings for this freebie are set for unlimited access to anyone.)

 If you would like the entire LENT packet, you can find it at my TPT store by clicking the link below.


I also revised my "The Passion of Jesus" resource. In this packet, children create a half-sized booklet of the events that led to the resurrection of Jesus; all written in terms that little ones can understand. I do not provide any scriptural reference in my religious packets because of all the varied versions of the Bible. My resources are a SUPPLEMENT to your present religion curriculum. 

You can find "The Passion of Jesus" packet in my TPT store by clicking the image below.


So, now my friends.... Enjoy those sweets because Lent will be here soon!

Until next time!