100th day of school

We were pretty busy on our 100th day of school, but we still managed to get a few fun 100 day activities accomplished!

Here is a glimpse of our day......
The children made a Fruit Loop necklace with 100 pieces of cereal.
The children sorted the collections that they brought from home into 10 groups of 10.
At the end of the day, the children made a 100 day snack using 10 different kinds of food.
I printed the number 100 onto card stock; cut out the holes in the zeros and the children decorated their masks with sequins, feathers, crayons, and pieces of paper.

We also made Deanna Jump's "What I Will Look Like When I am 100 Years Old?" They are a hoot and are hanging in our classroom. The children also wrote what they would buy if they had $100. I put this activity in the writing center this week, so not all children have rotated through it, but they have been really cute so far!

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