Color Words and Hearts

I thought I would share a few pictures of what we did today. I hope to have a longer post this weekend!
We are reviewing color words and the children are reviewing them in a center this week. EVERY single child can find the color match to the color heart! I am so proud of them! They matched the hearts with the words and then filled out a recording sheet to show their result.

In reading groups, we worked on word families. Here is a picture of an activity that we did in our word work today. Please try not to notice the messy easel and table.... Life has been busy in kindergarten this week! The children matched chocolate candy pieces with word family endings
on hearts. I put Velcro strips on the hearts and candy.

In a math center, they are creating candy pieces from paper and gluing into a heart shape. They are counting the number of candies that they have in their paper heart, recording that number, and writing the color word of their candy.Have a wonderful Friday!