The Queen of Hearts

This project had many steps, but the kids did great on it and had fun doing it, too! I was going to teach the kids the Queen of Hearts nursery rhyme, but have you ever read the WHOLE nursery rhyme? It wasn't anything that I wanted to teach kids since the KING of hearts beat the knave of hearts for stealing the queen's tarts! So we just recited the first part "The Queen of hearts made some tarts" and discussed how hearts and tarts rhyme! :) After reciting this sentence, we then changed the words to "The Queen of Hearts made some Word Family tarts"; which of course made everyone laugh which of course made ME happy because they were having fun while learning!

I printed word family choices, but you could also have the kids write their own word family words. After choosing their word family, they were to write the word family ending on a heart that the queen was holding. The thing I love the best about these type of projects is that they all look different! I do not give my students patterns; rather just the steps. My pictures are a little dark - sorry about that! I took them after school and we were having a little snow storm, so I think the halls were darker than usual.
As you can see from the pictures, some of the queens are big, some are small, and do you see that scary looking queen - oohhhh, shiver! :)

The steps for making the Queen of Hearts can be found in my "It's All About Hearts" literacy packet in my TPT store.

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