I'm Finally back! Lion and Lamb Days!

Whew! I'm back! It was a whirlwind of a weekend! We flew into New York City on Friday morning and returned to our home in central Illinois on Sunday! The wonders of transportation are amazing! My husband and I discussed this often over the weekend. It took us the same amount of time to fly to NYC as it does for us to drive to Chicago from our home! There were many highlights on our quick trip, but the most amazing to me was to actually see the Statue of Liberty. I teach about the Statue in "Our Country" social studies unit, so to be able to tell my students that I have actually seen it is awesome! Of course, Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State building, the double decker bus and tasting New York style pizza were also fun!
So............ as anyone who is a teacher knows, we LOVE, LOVE our substitute teachers!! And I am no exception! I LOVE the wonderful people who take over for me when I cannot be there! But even though it was only 2 days gone, it seems like 2 WEEKS gone, and I was just one step ahead of my students all day today! My co-teachers are all decorated for March and I still have a few snowflakes and hearts hanging around! But we did manage to have a short discussion about how March weather can sometimes be like a lion and sometimes be like a lamb. We will be keeping track of our lion and lamb days throughout the whole month of March. Today was a lion day, we thought, because we had snow on the ground! We also made paper plate lion and lambs. The children made both a lion and a lamb and then I punched a hole in the top of the plates and threaded a half pipe cleaner through it. I added a few staples around the edges and then hung them in the hallway. Here are a few pictures, but only half of them are hanging. The rest of them will be completed tomorrow. We also did a fun leprechaun hat project as well as a March hat project which I will post later in the week!

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