Wild March Wind

Here is an idea that I adapted from Kim Jordano's website...
Kim has the cutest poem for the wind posted. Here it is....
"Hang on to your hats whoever you are or the wild North wind will blow it far!" I changed the words slightly to say "or the wild MARCH wind will blow it far!" Kim had her students decorate paper plates to make hats and they are cute, cute on her website. I actually had the kids make their hat from a half paper plate, decorate it with ribbons, sequins, and feathers, and add a head and arms. I also had the children copy the words for handwriting practice. Here are some pictures.... they aren't exactly what I envisioned, but since I usually do not give my students a pattern, they are what they are! :) They are hanging with our hot air balloons and lion and lambs in the hallway. If you would like the words for the poem, click here.

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  1. So cute! We have horrible March winds here in West Texas! I might have to do this idea! Thanks for sharing!