Wow! IPads in my classroom!

We had an in-service yesterday on how to use iPads in the classroom. Our school was able to purchase enough iPads for an entire class to use - wow! So today I thought I would give them a try. I used them in our small reading groups. I only checked out 2 tablets and had the kids pair up. They played a free app game called "Rocket Speller." This game has 4 levels and you can choose if you want to use capital or lower case letters. In Level 1, the kids are given the spelling of a word and they move the letters on the pad to match the ones given. My kids did not get to Level 4, but at this level, the kids are asked to spell words with no clues given. What a wonderful way to differentiate learning! What I noticed today was that it didn't matter if the kids were struggling readers or top readers, they all had a ball and didn't realize that what they were doing was learning to spell words! I also really liked pairing my kiddos up because it promoted cooperation and sharing because if they didn't share, they would not be allowed to use the iPad. They were awesome with sharing! I am so excited about this new learning tool! My plan right now is to use iPads once a week in reading groups. Then this summer, I am going to spend some time searching for apps and how  other teachers are using them in their classrooms! I have so many plans for this summer - whew!!!


  1. We also have a set for a classroom. I use them everyday as a center for word work. The kids love them, go get them from the central location in our school and return them all on their own! Love them! I also check out the class set once a month for a fun Friday event and teach new apps during that time!

  2. I wish that I could use them everyday, but I don't think that I will be able to do that since I teach in a K-8 school and we have to share them with 470 kds! But, I KNOW that I am going to use them as much as I can - they are so cool!!! I love the idea of getting a class set once a month and doing a fun Friday app time!! Thanks for the idea! :)