Another Mother's Day Idea!

Okay, I tried to keep away, but just couldn't! I had to share this really cute Mother's Day idea that we completed today! We painted clay pots -  and we even used ACRYLIC PAINT! :) Then I copied a body shape onto cardstock for each child. I set out scrapbook paper, construction paper, and buttons for the children to use to decorate as their Mom. When completed, I taped their "Moms" onto a popsicle stick that was pushed into the soil of the flower pot.

 For the card, the kids decorated the outside with a flower pot cut from scrapbook paper, green construction paper stems, and tissue paper flowers. They glued the "Happy Mother's Day" label to the front of the card. For the inside, they wrote some sentences about their Mom - so cute - and then I stapled the words inside the cover. Cute, cute!! If you would like the Google doc for this activity, click here.


  1. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! The mothers that they made are so cute!
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  2. The moms are adorable! They will love these sweet gifts!

  3. Thanks - we gave them out today - a week early - because we had a special Mother's Mass today at school. The Moms really seemed to like them because they were very personalized! Hope your kiddo's Moms enjoy them, too!