Love These Apple Seasons Murals!

There are many wonderful things about being a kindergarten teacher and one of my favorite ones is that we can use paint for assessment! My students were given the task of painting a mural of the seasons of an apple tree.

I have 4 tables in my classroom which works perfectly for the four seasons. Each table was given the task of painting a tree in a way that exhibited the qualities of the tree during a specific season. I sketched the trunk to give them a frame of reference and then told them to work together with their group to make a plan as to how to paint their tree.
It was so much fun to see them put their heads together and make a decision! This was their four seasons assessment!

Hanging next to our four seasons mural are our Johnny Appleseeds and stained glass apples! The Johnny Appleseed craft is based on this packet from Peace, Love, and Learning!