Our Bucket Fillers and Columbus unit

I feel like I have been neglecting my poor, little blog! I think of posting often, but something always seems to get in the way and I end up putting it on the bottom of my list. So tonight, I told myself that I am going to put my blog at the TOP of my list!

First I thought I would share with you a quick and easy bucket filler sheet. So many teachers do such wonderful activities with this book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?", but I needed something that could be completed quickly. So we read the story and had a really nice discussion about how to be a bucket filler and how NOT to be a bucket dipper. After our discussion, my students drew 3 pictures that showed how they could be a bucket filler and then colored their bucket. I then gave them sticker stars and colored dots to decorate their paper. My students really enjoyed this activity and when we have some more time, we will spend more time on another bucket project - maybe with glue and paint this time! Click HERE if you would like the download. I used DJ Inkers clip art on the download. When  I contacted Dianne about using her clip art a few months ago, she said that as long as I was sharing it on my own blog and not selling it AND if I shared it in as a secured PDF, it was okay. BUT Terms of Use by clip art artists change all the time, so if I find out that I misinterpreted her TOU's, I will have to remove the link. If that happens, you can make your own and just insert your own bucket image!
Also, if you need another quick and easy activity, here is one for Columbus Day, click HERE for the download.
There's more to come! We have been busy and I am excited to share what we have been doing!

Peace and blessings,

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