Product Swap with Ashley Benoit

This is my second product swap hosted by Jessica Stanford from Mrs. Stanford's class blog! This time around I was matched with the wonderful Ashley Benoit. Ashley is the owner of The Teachers's Treasure Chest blog and it has been fun reading her journey back to education after a big move in her life!

So...... the products that she swapped with me were her Number Order and Skip Counting Fun and Groovy Literacy Centers with Short A. When we were deciding what products to swap, we discussed the fact that Ashley has mostly first and second grade resources and I have mostly kindergarten and first grade resources. No worries! We both managed to find products that would work for both of us!

My first review is going to be on Number Order and Skip Counting Fun. This resource was perfect for this time of year with my kinders. They were ready for a challenge and were totally prepared for this activity! My students work in math tubs that are changed weekly or every other week. They work in partners, but 2 sets of partners work on the same tub. Does that make sense? So, I organized Ashley's number games into 3 colors so that the pieces would travel together as they were used from group to group.
Ashley has many choices in this packet; I chose to use counting by 10's, 2's, and 5's.

To make the folders, I just folded a piece of construction paper in half and stapled 3 sides. I made sure that the folder matched the border around Ashley's numbers. I added sentence strips to give my kiddos something tangible in which to lay their numbers.
My kiddos did GREAT on this activity! They worked together to put the numbers in order and then wrote them on a recording sheet! Woo hoo!

Another product I tried was Groovy Literacy Centers with Short A. There is so much to do in this packet - we did not get to all the activities, so we will be working on them next week, too, in reading group. Since kinders work so much on word families, sorting words into families was perfect for our reading group.

Here are some more pictures of the sorting mats...

I have a reading group that needs some challenging words, so Ashley's "You Crashed!" resource worked wonderfully for these kiddos!

Thank you, Ashley for these fun and EDUCATIONAL activities! We had fun this week!

Click HERE to take you to Ashley's blog, The Teacher's Treasure Chest. She also reviewed a couple of my products and you can find her review there. Click the Magical button above to take you to Jessica's blog for more amazing product swaps!

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