How to add a hyperlink into a Keynote document

Hello Friends!

I have had a couple of blogger friends ask me to write a tutorial for how to add a hyperlink into Keynote. It is  super easy and once you get the hang of it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Keynote is Mac's Power Point and can be purchased from the Mac App store. It is really inexpensive. I purchased my copy for around $20 and it has been worth every penny! There are many wonderful things about Keynote, but my favorite one is that Keynote holds your hyperlinks after you convert to a PDF which does not happen anymore in upgraded versions of Power Point for Mac.

The other nice thing about Keynote is that if you still want to create in Power point, you can continue to do that. Of course, you can create in Keynote, too! I love the option of having both word processing systems!

So I thought I would first show how to convert a PPT document to Keynote....

1. Open Keynote and click OPEN.

2.  Once you click OPEN, you will be given options as to what document you want to import.

3.  Click your document and it will be imported into Keynote. I usually have to do a little tweaking once my document has been imported. It usually involves text boxes that need to be re-sized or centered. But other than that, everything transfers very well.

Here is how to add hyperlinks:

1.  Highlight the image or text in which you wish to add a hyperlink...

 2.  Click the Inspector button. An options box opens.

3.  On the options box, click the hyperlink icon.


4.  When you click this icon, another options box opens. Check ENABLE AS A HYPERLINK. Choose "Link to Webpage." Highlight the URL and add your hyperlink. A small blue hyperlink appears letting you know that the hyperlink has been attached.
 Here is how to add a hyperlink for text....

5.  After adding your hyperlinks, you can convert to a PDF by clicking File, Export, PDF.

Voila! Your hyperlinks are saved!

Hope this helps!

Until next time!



  1. Hi Cindy! I just found your comment on Keynote in the TpT forum. So what exactly are the benefits of having Keynote? I have a Mac and am trying to add in hyperlinks to my PDF products so that people can easily follow me. Thank you so much!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Hi Angela!

      Oh my goodness! Keynote makes adding hyperlinks super easy! When you convert to a PDF, the hyperlinks stick. I could never get my links to stay in PPT after conversion. I love the fact that I can create in PPT and convert to Keynote and add my links there. From what I understand new Macs have Keynote already installed. My Mac is older, so I had to purchase it from the App store.

      There definitely is a learning curve, but once you get started on it, you will not regret it!