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Teachers Helping Those In Need!

It is my great honor to have donated teaching resources to 2 amazing fundraisers for the Oklahoma tornado devastation.

Teachers'sTreasure Chest hosted by Ashley Benoit (Ends today, May 26)
TpT K-2Bundle #2  hosted by Teacher's Pay Teacher and put together by Crayonbox Learning (Ends Monday, June 3)

Donna from MathCoach's Corner is hosting a Linky tomorrow (May 27) for teachers who are donating all their profits to the Oklahoma relief fund. 

Growing Firsties  is donating all sales today and tomorrow to the Oklahoma Red Cross.

Finally I would like to share this amazing tribute  by CNN news to the courage of the teachers in Oklahoma...


I AM WONDERFUL, Farm Fiesta, and End of Year Memory book and Letter to parents & students

I was sooo excited when Debbie Clement asked a few of us if we would be willing to share her CD "I AM WONDERFUL" with our class! Of course, my answer was "YES!" and what fun we had with this song!

We practiced singing the song for about a week during our Morning Meeting. Debbie included 2 versions of the song; one with lyrics and the other instrumental only. We began with the lyrics and then when I felt my kiddos were ready, I played the instrumental version and they did fantastic! THEN..... when they were ABSOLUTELY wonderful, I videotaped them performing the song! This will be an end of year gift to their parents....... I uploaded the video on You Tube and will give their parents the private link to the song. They also created "I AM WONDERFUL!" portraits which will  be part of their parent gift. First they drew a hill shape for their body and then traced a circle upon skin colored paper. They added paper hair and used crayons to add their face. When this was complete, they used oil crayons to add details to their shirt. After that, they sponged painted around the middle of their paper. Finally, they wrote 2 things that they felt made them wonderful. Aren't these just the cutest? The link to Debbie's I AM WONDERFUL song can be found HERE.

 We also finished our Farm unit on Monday and the kids made the cutest cover for their book!

We also had a Farm Fiesta at the conclusion of our Farm unit. I was sooo busy passing out food and describing what it was, that I did not have time to take a lot of pictures, but here are a few....

I was surprised that there were more kids who liked edamame than liked cheese!

I also thought that I would share the End of Year letter that I give my parents and my students. I found this on a website called Green Gables, but this website is no longer around which is REALLY sad because it was an awesome site! I make a Kindergarten scrapbook for each of my students and include these pages at the beginning and end of the book. Click HERE to download the letters.I did not give you the black/white version. They print nicely in grayscale, though!

Please note: If your school  does not allow you to download documents from outside your network, you will receive a message asking me share the doc with you. I will be unable to do this. You should be able to download it when you are home.

To create the inside pages, I use power point to create a simple border and clip art and then glue photographs upon the pages. I use a 3 hole punch to add the pages to a view binder. On the front cover, I add the child's name and cute clip art. Voila! Easy and cute Kindergarten scrapbook! Here are a few pages.......

Until next time! We have one more week to go.... I think I can, I think I can.....!!!!!


Teachers's Love Oklahoma Fundraiser for the Red Cross

Hello Friends!
My wonderful teacher blogger friends are having a fundraiser for the Oklahoma Red Cross and it is being hosted by Ashley Benoit from Teachers's Treasure Chest. For a $25 donation, you will receive $250 worth of teacher's products donated by teacher bloggers. Click HERE to find the link!

Blessings, Cindy

Farms, Flowers, Birds, Five For Friday, and Oh yes.... my quilts!

Woo hoo! It's Friday! We are in countdown mode in my classroom! I think my little ones are just as ready as I am for a break and it will be here in just a few weeks!

My post today is going to be a hodge podge of things; which is exactly how my week has been!

1.  We are just finishing up our Farm unit. We still are not quite done, but should be by Monday. Last week, we discussed corn, soybeans, and wheat crops. This week we discussed cows, chickens, and sheep.

2.  My son and I had the opportunity to watch 3 little wrens learn to fly this week! They were sitting on our porch ledge and their parents were in the tree coaching them along. The furthest one away was the first to fly and the one closest was the last to take flight. So much fun to watch!

3.  We also finished up our butterfly unit this week. I THINK I got this book from TLC lessons..... "The Caterpillar Song" .  I love this sooooo much better than cutting and pasting pre-drawn pictures to show the life cycle of a butterfly!

4.  My students have been giving me some really, really nice flowers...... Isn't this a pretty potted plant?

The plant below is the one my class gave me last year...  I kept it alive over the winter and it now has a gorgeous bloom on it! Hurray!

5.  I really, really, really want to start quilting again this summer! I started a quilt 5 years ago and I STILL have not finished it! I am NOT a professional, but there is something about sewing that brings me peace. Here are some pictures of the UNFINISHED pieces. Maybe if I post pictures, it will inspire me to finish them??

And finally, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and this time BEFORE 6:00 p.m. CST Hurray!

Have a wonderful week!

Until next time!!


A son graduated and Oh, boy, where did the time go?

Okay.... we all say this..... "Where did the time go?" But this week, I REALLY, REALLY mean it! First of all, my youngest son (my baby) just graduated from college on Friday. It just seems impossible to think that all my children are grown up and able to fend for themselves. It is a bittersweet journey.... I am sooo proud of my kids - all of them! The years that I had with them at home was the best gift that I could have been given. All the track meets, cross country meets, t-ball games, baseball games, Halloween costumes, proms, Homecomings, Brownie meetings, Boy Scout meetings, family vacations, homework help, college visits..... ALL the time that I gave my children was worth every millisecond and I am thrilled with that fact! But, when your children are grown, you realize that your continued journey through life has changed forever and it is a hard fact that we must let go and appreciate the gift that we were given. So... as my youngest son is beginning his journey, I am saying good-bye to a part of mine......

Also...... Where did the time go with this school year? We have 16 more days of school left and it seems like these little kinders just entered my classroom! As with my children, I am so proud of the accomplishments my kinders have made! They are all reading at some level. They all have a wonderful number sense. They are able to create such beautiful projects and they are trying to get along with one another and be peaceful kids. I am proud of THEIR  journey and can hardly believe we are close the journey's end!

This week we are in our Farm unit. I feel that it is so important that children know where their food comes from, so instead of focusing on farm animals and barns, I like to focus on crops and their products. So this week, we talked about corn, soybeans, and wheat. We discussed the parts of the plant and how it is grown and harvested. We talked about the Community helper, the farmer, who works on the farm and the tools that he/she uses. This coming week, we will talk about animals on the farm. I do not discuss the fact that we eat animals. I know that many teachers will disagree with me, but I feel that children will learn soon enough that we eat animals, so I don't make this a part of my unit. Instead, we discuss dairy products, eggs, and wool.

Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis this week! What fun that was to watch!  Because I think it is important for my kinders to go home in the summer with some knowledge of the wildlife they will see, they are making a field guide of Backyard butterflies and Birds these last few weeks of school. Here are pictures of the real Painted Lady butterflies....

Here are some fun pictures of a few of the butterfly sketches they made for their Field Guide.

Here is the preview to my butterfly and caterpillar unit, but this is something that is easy to set up yourself! Just Google butterfly images and have your students copy them!

Until next time!!

Blessings, Cindy