The Year in Review........ Fun and Family

Hello There!

We at Blog Hoppin are taking some time to reflect upon our accomplishments of 2013 and our goals for 2014. Today the topic is FUN and FAMILY.
 Above all else, my family is THE most important part of my life! Despite the fact that my 3 amazing children are all grown, I am blessed to continue to have them as a constant part of my life. 

 In fact, we just returned from a wonderful vacation in Wisconsin. My husband's family has been traveling to Wisconsin since HE was a little kid and we continued the tradition once we were married and had our children. Of course, most SMART people travel SOUTH for a winter vacation, but not us..... we aren't so smart........ we go where there is MORE cold and snow! But, we do have fun and this is a tradition that I plan to continue in 2014!

I am so lucky to be able to continue to spend time with my parents. I am thankful everyday for their health and the times we have been able to get together with them. This summer we will be spending some quality time with them in Michigan - Yay! Warm weather sounds delightful right now!


Until next time!



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    1. More snow at home now, too! My best times with snow are inside with a mug of hot chocolate! LOL

      Thank you for commenting, Belle!