St. Patrick's Day Fun.... leprechaun traps, Pot of Gold Word Families, and cute footprints!

Hello Friends!

It is all leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day in my classroom right now! Whew! Luckily, our little leprechauns will be leaving on Monday! But before they head back to Leprechaun Land, my kinders had a family project where they were to design a trap to see if they can keep one here! This, of course, is a typical kindergarten project now BUT when I started doing this YEARS ago, it was still a unique way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I think the thing I love the most about this project is that it encourages kids and their DADS to work together. Dads seem to LOVE doing this project with their kids, so we continue it from year to year.....

I thought I would share some of this year's designs! 

The other fun thing about this project is all the architectural designs that happen at the Lego table! Check this one out! Do you notice the little traps set up in the picture?

Of course, we also had to do some fun leprechaun math activities. I love this one which I got from Kim Jordano's March Ideas which you can find HERE.

Look at the fun writing that goes on during this time!

 We made -OT Word Family Pots of Gold...... Love this!!

And lastly, take a look at these cute footprints that the leprechauns left in my colleague, Lisa's classroom...... CUTE!

Until next time!



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    1. We do, too! This project just does not get old! They will be sharing their designs on Monday.... can't wait to hear their descriptions!

      Thanks for commenting, Jayne!