All about Me mini poster (Freebie)

Hello Friends!

Besides working on the set up in my classroom, I am also thinking about the first few weeks of school. My kiddos drop in before school starts and besides giving them a special gift from me, I also ask them to fill out an "All About Me" poster that they take home and fill out with their parents. There are several types that can be purchased and I HAVE purchased them. The problem I have with some of the purchased ones is that they are too large and have too much information on them for a kinder to fill out. I like to display these in the hallway for our Open House and the poster sized ones just take up too much room. So.... I created a one page 8 1/2" x 11" poster that is easy for little ones to do. I have a variety of 12" x 12" scrapbook paper available for them to choose from. I staple the poster to the scrapbook paper and send it home. Adding the poster to the scrapbook paper creates more space for those that want to do more such as adding photographs. 

To access this free poster, click the image above or below. This is a Google doc download. If your school does not allow downloads from outside your network, you will have to download at home.

I also like to do an "All About Me" book with my kinders at the start of the year. But just as with the posters, I have found many "Me" books to be overwhelming to little ones just beginning school. So I have them do a simple "All About Me" book that is easy for them to finish and also continues the tradition of having a beginning of the year keepsake.
Find this simple book by clicking the image above or below.

Until next time!