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Five for Friday - Bees, Flowers, Scarecrows.... Randomness......

Hello Friends!

 I thought I would link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today with 5 RANDOM thoughts because that is exactly how my brain has been working lately

1.  We had a successful trip to the Apple Orchard this week! Yay! I was a little nervous because my class is a bit challenging this year, but they were ah-mazing and I was so proud of them! The focus of our trip is the apples, of course, but also the role that bees play in the life of an apple. So, to cement bees (and insects) into their brains, my kinders created bees from Styrofoam balls. Yes! My kindergarten kids did these all by themselves and it was only ME and them! (My Bright Idea.....Use condiment containers for glue - it works wonderfully!!)
I made the project easier this year by having my kiddos use markers to draw stripes on the abdomen rather than paint! Worked like a charm!

Here is the finished product - kind of...... I actually removed the long stick from the end. This is a shish kabob stick that I pushed 3 Styrofoam balls through.... The eyes are felt circles attached with Elmer's glue. The wings are made from leftover laminating film and attached to the thorax with straight ball pins. Yes, my kinders DID this all by themselves!

2.  It is so nice to STILL be able to see flowers here in Central Illinois; even though it is the middle of October. These little guys are from my garden and they warm my heart that they are still hanging on!

3.   Look what arrived in the mail the other day! I have only unpacked it and hope to figure it out this weekend and put in my classroom next week! Looking forward to it!

4.  I love this little scarecrow that my kiddos made this week! It was quick and easy and made a fun bulletin board to celebrate Fall...

5.  Finally, I added a new product to my store this week as well as revised an old one. I am always in need of quick things to do in my guided reading groups as well as things for my early finishers to do. So, I made a few Folder centers that are based upon core literacy standards in kindergarten. I like being able to store them in a folder; it makes them compact and easy for my students (and me) to use. We did them in group this week and I plan to place them in Word Work next week.

My revised unit is my Spider unit..... I added a realistic picture book to the literacy pack. 

 Link up to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Randomness!

Until next time!



  1. Those little scarecrows are adorable! And I really love the randomness of these Five for Friday posts!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Me, too, Donna! Sometimes it is hard to think of things to write about that all tie in together, so randomness makes it fun!

      Thanks for commenting!