A Short, Funny Story about How Teachers are not always right..... :)

Hello Friends,
I thought I would share this short, cute story about how no matter how hard we THINK we are right, sometimes, we just are not.... 

We have been studying what happens in winter and this week, we were talking about migration. 

One of the animals in our "What Happens in the Winter?" book that we draw is a robin. We read a non-fiction book about robins and in that book, it says that robins migrate to warmer climates in the winter. So, after we were finished reading the book, the children took out their science books and began to draw their robins. This was a directed drawing lesson and my kiddos did great! 

Here are a few examples of their pages......

As my kiddos were finishing up their pages, one of them said, "There's a robin in that tree right now, Mrs. Feeney !" And I said, "Oh no, Sweetie, you don't see a robin. Remember robins fly to warmer places in the winter. Our weather is cold now. That is why we did not have school for 2 days." And I continued to walk around the classroom NOT looking out the window. Once again I heard a kiddo say, "But, Mrs. Feeney, there really IS a robin in that tree." So....... I did my "I will humor you, Honey" walk, and proceeded over to the window and....... BY GOLLY, my kiddos were right! There were THREE robins in that tree! THREE! They were FREEZING - poor things - but they were there. 

So, my students were right! I have no idea why those robins were in our tree in FREEZING weather, but they were. Maybe they were on their way to parts farther south. My brother-in-law says that robins actually DO start to settle in our area in the winter searching for their spring breeding grounds. They just usually hide when the weather is so nasty.

Who knows? But it was nice for a couple of reasons to see them..... 1.  How wonderful to be talking about something and be able to look out the window and SEE it and 2.  Robins have always been a sign of Spring to me, so they showed me that despite our frigid temperatures, spring WILL come...... and of course, seeing the robins at a time when I was not expecting them showed my students that sometimes teachers are NOT always right and it is okay to respectfully disagree!

Until next time!


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