Turning our Hallway into a Winter Wonderland

 Hello Friends,This is Catholic School's Week and among the MANY activities planned, we turned our kindergarten hallway into a Winter Wonderland. Here are a few pictures...

To create the snowman, we took my wooden bag holder stand and wrapped it in two white double sheets; one at the top and one on the bottom. We used plenty of safety pins and stuffed newspaper inside. 
(These are my two amazing co-teachers, Lisa and Lea - love these two women!) 
 After much stuffing and primping, our snowman evolved! We sat him on top of two plastic crates and covered the crates with white paper and quilt batting.

Our students each created a likeness of themselves using construction and scrapbook paper to make winter clothing. We used the jumbo people shapes found HERE at Lakeshore. 

Here are our snowman making kids. 

 Here are our ice skating kids. 


Here is our snow hill. The sleds are made from Clementine orange crates. We found a clear plastic, polka dotted tablecloth to put over the snow hill.


These are our winter night silhouettes. We gave them only white and black oil crayons to create their snow scene. We told them at night, you really do not see colors. They used yellow construction paper for the windows and doors. They used white paint for the snow and then we sprinkled the whole picture with diamond dust glitter.

This cute snowman activity is from Kim Jordano which you can find HERE.

So that's it for now! Until next time!



  1. Oh Cindy! You are honestly one of the most amazing teachers I have 'met'! Your students are so blessed to have you. I cant wait to visit you one day soon and see your classroom and school for real! Thank you for sharing all your photos, they always warm my teaching heart :)

  2. Oh thank you, Mel! You warm my heart, too! Thank you so much for your kind comments!