Five For Friday...... Polar Bears, Circus, and other randomness......

Hello Friends!

This is going to be a quick post because my daughter is here for the weekend and I want to spend the evening with her! Yay!

I thought I would join in Five For Friday and post five VERY random thoughts......

1.  We finished our polar animal unit - Whew! It was long! One thing that I love to do is to hang a real life sized polar bear from the ceiling and take a picture of the kids standing next to it. They really get a sense of size!
2.  In our school, each grade level is asked to do a service project. In kindergarten, we perform a circus to raise money for POLAR BEARS INTERNATIONAL. It's such a great experience for our kiddos! They learn about the plight of the polar animals. They get a history lesson about the circus and they develop public speaking skills and self-confidence.  The day of the circus, our kids participate in a circus parade through the halls of our school. All the school kids bring coins to school and drop them into bags that some of our "circus performers" are carrying. When we arrive in our 3-RING CIRCUS arena, our audience is already seated and ready for the performance. We collect donations from parents and friends that we send to Polar Bears International. This year we collected $526.08! Wow!

 Here is the link to my Circus script if you are interested....

3.  It was our 100th day of school on Monday! There are SO MANY awesome resources for the 100th day of school...... I am just sharing this one idea that I think is so cute....

4.  One thing that I did with my kids when they were little was teach them to cook and bake. It was my son's birthday on Tuesday and yes, he baked this chocolate/raspberry torte for his birthday! (The plate is not so pretty, but the cake is beautiful!)

5. Oh my.... I am so tired of cold, and snow, and winter..... bleh......

That's it for now, my friends! Click the link below to take you to more Five for Friday thoughts!

Until next time!



  1. That torte looks amazing! I think it's awesome that your kids can cook and bake!

    Also, making a life size polar bear is a wonderful idea! What a great way for them to understand how big the bear actually is!

    1. Oh I know! It's so fun to see what they come with.... Tonight, they made homemade pasta... wonderful!

      We love our polar unit and you are right; my kiddos love looking up at the polar bear and wondering how something could be so big!

      Thanks for commenting!