Five For Friday, Friend Art, Using Keynote, and Yay! It's Spring!

Hello Friends,

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday.... once again, I am joining the party late, but hey.... It's still Friday, right?

1. We are having an Art Festival at our school next week. We are blessed to have a wonderfully talented Art teacher! He teaches art to our K-8 students and I cannot even imagine the planning it must take to teach children with such a broad range in age. The art assignment for our kindergarten kids was to create a picture depicting yourself and a friend. The media used was simply marker and crayons. Aren't they just incredibly cute?

2.  It's that time again - paper mache African Jungle Animals! Here is the first batch of molded shapes. The kids pick out an animal that they would like to research, I create the shape from newspaper and masking tape, and they use paper mache and tissue paper to color their animal. 4 down; 11 to go!

3.  I love doing these colorful umbrellas! Besides looking cute hanging in the hallway, they also are a fun way to get kids to sort CVC and CVCe words. I wrote about this activity on Blog Hoppin. You can find that post by clicking the image below.

4.  I recently wrote a tutorial that shares  how to get started using Keynote for Macs. You can click the image below to take you to the You Tube video.

5.  It's a true sign of Spring in Central Illinois when you have beautiful Forsythia bushes blooming with pea-sized hail on the ground!

Hop on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for some fun Five For Friday ideas! Click the image below to take you there!
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  1. Hi Cindy!

    I love that your school has an art teacher. That is fantastic and those art pieces turned out super cute!

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