Monarch butterflies and a new Fall resource with a Freebie!

Hello Friends,

I was so excited to find this Monarch egg on one of the milkweed leaves in my school garden and today, I found a TINY Monarch caterpillar. I sooo wish that I could share this with my students. Hopefully, we will get another batch in the fall when the kids will be there!

3.   I keep wanting to sing "Rain, rain, go away....." It has been a VERY rainy summer......

4.  BUT, today we saw the sun! Yay! It's amazing what the sun can do to a person's outlook on life! :)

5.  During these rainy days (besides cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!), I have been researching for my newest resource. It is about animal adaptation, migration, hibernation, and why deciduous tree leaves change colors in the fall. I love researching, so this was fun for me!

Click the image below to take you to my store. If you download the preview file, I have given you the OWL part of this to try out for free!  Enjoy!
Until next time!

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