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I am linking up with my friends from I Teach Kinder. We are sharing fun seasonal ideas that are perfect for our kinders!
I am sharing THREE options for creating an Advent wreath. All 3 are created from paper plates that have been painted green. If you can find green plates, they would work, too! Just make sure that they are strong plates. My students use Chinette plates because they are strong and can withstand paint and glue.

After the plates are dry, hot glue four 5 ounce paper cups that are turned upside down upon the plate. I try to use cups that are not overly decorated, but since the kids will be covering them, it really does not matter that much.

Using small pieces of NON-BLEEDING purple and pink tissue paper, students use a glue wash to attach the tissue to the cups. 
It IS messy when they are painting with glue. Make sure that you have wet wipes for hands available!
When the cups have been covered with tissue, students glue rolled up pieces of green tissue paper to the top of the green plate. Use a box cutter to make a cut at the top of each cup. Insert a craft stick with a paper flame attached for candles.


This wreath is not as messy, but is a bit more complicated for kids to make. It involves rolling construction paper into tubes, closing with clear tape, and making cuts along the bottom edge of each tube. Dip the tubes in glue and attach to the plate. Kids will have to hold each tube for awhile to make sure that they continue to stand. The tubes can also be hot glued to the plate, that involves an adult, of course!

 Once the candles are attached, the plate is decorated with green tissue paper. The candles are created in the same way as explained in Option 1. They are dropped inside each candle. 


 This option is the easiest, but also the most expensive. You will need 3 purple and 1 pink cup for each child. As you can see, I could not find a PLAIN pink cup, so had to settle for a decorated one! Hot glue the cups to the top of the plate.
 The kids use rolled up pieces of NON-BLEEDING tissue paper to decorate the outside edge of the plate. 
The flames of the candles are created from craft sticks and construction paper.

 Insert the flames into the cups!

I add a zippered bag to the BOTTOM of the plate in which to store the flames.

So, that's all for now, my friends... Check out these other links for more seasonal kindergarten ideas!

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  1. Cindy, This is a great idea!

    Your friend,

    fromCharlotte's Clips

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      Oh sweet, Charlotte! We really have to meet someday! Thank you for commenting!

  2. You always have the best crafts! Great idea to add the baggie on the bottom of the plate for storage!
    Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart

    1. Thank, Christine! That bag idea was one of those "2:00 a.m" ones that wake you up at night! :)

      Take care,