Five Senses Fun

Hello Friends,

I am having such a wonderful teaching year and you would think that I would be taking photos, photos, photos, but I guess I am having so much fun that when I DO think about getting my camera, it's over! But I WAS able to get a few photos of our Five Senses week....

Here we are testing out our sense of hearing. We talked about how sound moves in waves, so each child took a turn laying on the floor while their classmates hopped around them. They found out that they could HEAR the jumping as well as feel the sound which was really cool!
This was another test of sound. We made telephones out of cups. My kiddos SAID that they could hear the other person through the cup, but I am not really sure they did. It DID give them an idea of how a telephone works... :)
We also tested our sense of smell and taste. The children closed their eyes while tasting and smelling and were amazed that they could tell what they were smelling and tasting without seeing it. For taste, they tasted pretzels, gummy bears, and carrots. For smell, they smelled lemon soap, cinnamon, and salad spices.
We also tested our sense of touch by feeling items inside socks. Sadly, I did NOT get photos of that BUT, we had a fun popcorn activity where the kids realized that they used EVERY sense while exploring. They could see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, and taste it! I have a little 5 senses resource in my store that they are working on in this photo.
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!