Another year gone.... Happy and Sad Feelings.....

Hello Friends,

1.  Well..... We had our last day yesterday. My classroom is all packed up and ready for summer cleaning. I have to say that the day was bittersweet. It was sweet because I now have time to get caught up with all those things that have been pushed to the bottom of my "to do" list. It is sweet because, although I really like writing lesson plans, it will be nice for awhile to NOT plan a day for a group of 5/6 year olds. It is sweet because I can get back in my garden and re-visit all my flower "friends". It is sweet because my brain has time to re-boot and I can walk away from standards and goals for awhile.

2. Another SWEET thing about the end of the year..... I had an awesome room parent who made me feel appreciated every day... Here is my end of year gift from my class... Everything in the bucket was orange. I kind of messed it up a bit when I was looking through it, but here are some of the items inside: orange slices candy, orange tic tacs, Reese's peanut butter cups, an orange gift card to Barnes & Noble, cute orange pinwheels, an orange scented candle, orange post it notes, orange straws, and kiwi orange gum....

3. I also received this precious gift... The children each decorated a wooden heart with markers. The hearts were glued to a picture frame. And.... yes.... I only had 12 kids this year... and yes..... I know that I am lucky..... and no..... this is not usual.....  :)

4.  I got this sweet idea from Katie Mense at Little Warriors. 

     Using wonderful clip art from Mel Lloyd From the Pond, I created an Avatar class picture. It was so much fun making it and a nice gift that the KIDS enjoyed as well as the parents!

5.  Finally.... the bitter part of the last day..... Saying good-bye to these little sweeties.  I saw them every week for 6 hours a day. We cried together. We laughed together. They learned from me, but I learned from them, too. The relationship that we had will never be quite the same. I am SO happy to send them on to first grade, but it does hurt my heart to see them go....... but.... that's part of teaching... the closing of a door in May and the opening of one in August.....

Take care,  my friends and make sure that you visit Doodle Bugs Teaching at Five for Friday!
Until next time,