Apple Posters and Monarch butterflies

Hello Friends,

I have to say that this year has been soooo super busy. I am not exactly sure what is different this school year, but when I get home, I am exhausted - super, duper exhausted. It's crazy, too, because I gave up tutoring after school this year, so you would think that I would have MORE time.... but... It's not happening yet... maybe it will soon!

We are very close to finishing our apple unit. If you read my blog, you know that we create an APPLE book every year; encompassing both literacy and science. This year, I decided to change the way we make the book.

 I have always done apple tasting with my kids. This year instead of giving each child an apple cutout, I added Velcro dots to sentence strips ( rough side) . Each child picked out a felt square that showed their favorite apple flavor and attached to the Velcro - super, super easy!

 2. We have been working on labeling in our writing journals.  Most of the labels can be found in my APPLE resource, but I also found the labels for the parts of the Apple HERE. The last photo in the collage is "Ten Apples Up On Top." In the past, I have taken photos of the kids pretending to hold apples on their head and then they cut and glued apples in a stack on top. This year, though, I wanted to do something different, so this is what I came up with..... If you would like the printable, I have uploaded it as a Google doc which you can find HERE. If your school does not allow you to download resources from outside your network, you will have to download from home on YOUR personal network.

We let our Monarch butterflies go a couple of weeks ago. I love, love, love this project!

  I ordered a class set of scoop rockers this year. I LOVE these little seats and so do my kiddos! It's such a nice way for my kids to have a comfortable place to sit while at the same time being allowed to "squirm" a little.... I also like that they can place their rocker any where in the classroom during reading or independent work time. They were well worth the expense! Here they are graphing their favorite apple flavors.