Looking For a Last MInute Halloween Math Activity?

Hello Friends!

Are you looking for a last minute Halloween activity with little prep AND is educational? My kiddos did this cute math activity on Monday. It was easy, colorful, and fun! They didn't even know they were practicing CCSS K.OA.3; decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way! 

We spent some time singing "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate" and then I gave them a 12" x 18" piece of black construction paper, some orange and brown paper, and VOILA! a cute math activity!

If you would like a link with the words and directions for how we made this, click HERE.

We made these cute skeletons from Q-tips. Click the picture to go to the page where I found the idea!

Have a great rest of the week!

Until next time!